Bible Study Topics

Bible Study Topics

The following selection of  bible study topics are offered to you in the  hope that you will be richly blessed.  Many topics  have been covered; some of them are controversial.  Some of these topics I believe have been grossly misunderstood by many Christians.  Bible study topics from the Word of God

It is my prayer that as you look up the bible study topics, your heart and mind will be richly blessed.  Richly blessed,  not only with the word of God but most of all with the Beautiful presence of the lord Jesus Christ who is the Living Word.

The topics covered are as follows:

The Christian Olympics –  

The Christian OlympicsThe apostle Paul likened the Christian walk to a race in which only one receives the prize.  It can be likened to ” The Christian Olympics”.  To run the race of the Christian Faith with excellence manner requires discipline and training.  It is very much like the training that olympic athletes have to carry out.  This article looks at the second epistle of Peter chapter one verses  3 to 11.  A a ladder of christian virtues is displayed.  We will see that as the Christian develops these christian virtues in his or her life there is the need for self control discipline and endurance to be developed and strengthen.  

The Olive Tree –  

The Olive tree is a biblical symbol of Israel.In Romans chapter 11 the Apostle Paul likens the people of God to a beautiful olive tree.  He describes how this beautiful tree was originally the nation of Israel who were the people of God chosen to bring forth fruit.  They have beautiful sap running through the olive tree and the branches for lovely and full of olive fruit.  Through unbelief in the lord Jesus some of the branches where broken off and the gentiles who believed the gospel were grafted in to the tree.
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The Power of The Word of God –

This article discusses the mighty power of the word of God.  We will we see how when we meditate and eat and drink this word and take it into our spirits hearts and minds it revolutionises our character and behaviour.  This life-giving Word has the power to overcome every obstacle and every weakness and bring forth the very nature of God into our lives; the overcoming nature of the Eternal Almighty invincible God!


What are The Signs of A Real Christian Conversion

god-has-mercy-on-the-sinnerTHE FIRST NEW COVENANT CONVERT was a dying thief who hung next to him on a cross. He had an amazing last-minute salvation experience. God reaches out and calls men to come to Jesus to the last hour because GOD IS LOVE

Jesus The Messiah Name Above All Names

I pray that by the grace of God’s Spirit we can see just a little of the depths of anguish and desolation that Jesus had to sink to in becoming a man and suffering for mankind’s salvation.   How obedient at every step he became so that God the Father could highly Him to the highest place, and give to Him the name above all names so that that at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, (Phil 2:9).

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Jesus arose as Life giving SpiritJesus Arose As The Life Giving Spirit

Christ Had To Die To Become Our life! After the Lord JESUS CHRIST DIED TO IMPART HIMSELF INTO US AS OUR LIFE-SUPPLY, He arose again from the dead the third day. In his resurrection Jesus arose as the Life giving Spirit.

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The Word Of Life

Jesus told us “You are The Light of The World” (Mat 5:14). Christians believers as “stars” who are holding forth the Word of Life. A people who are shining as lights in the world. These verses from Philippians, concerns what all Christian believers should be in this world.

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Trust In God and Do Good

The song of the birds, the smell of flowers and new cut grass. The majestic grandeur of lofty mountain peaks. The peace and stillness of the shades of night. The refreshing rain. The awe of thunder and the soft kiss of the breeze. Our world is indeed a beautiful world that comes from the hand of ” the God who has given us ALL things RICHLY to enjoy!

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The Most Holy Anointing Oil

The most holy anointing oil.God told Moses to make a holy anointing oil. The most holy anointing oil had a base of olive oil perfumed with myrrh, cinnamon,aromatic cane and cassia. This beautiful ointment which anointed and perfumed every item of the tabernacle was Holy and could only be used in the tabernacle. For a study of this oil and what it tells us about Christs lovelines and power and olso our Christian experience proceed to – The Most Holy Anointing Oil.

The Faith, Hope and Love

First Thessalonians chapter 5. gives us some very practical exhortations and encouragements how to guard the faith, hope and love in our lives as Christians.

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What Is The Greatest Love Of All

The scriptures speak about the personal and individual love of the lord Jesus Christ for his brothers and sisters.
Remember that  Jesus speaks to us ” personally” and individually; his love and friendship is personal.  Jesus,  ( speaking of Himself as the Good Shepherd said), “the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out“, (John 10:3
). The Son of God will have sweet fellowship with each one of us individually, and calls us by our name. He knows your name! He knows where you live! He knows your telephone number,  Jesus knows your address.

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