Christian Audio Sermons

I have selected a selection of my Christ-centred Christian Audio sermons with the prayer that these will be  a blessing to you.

Christian Audio sermons List

Cooperation With The Divine Operation

We have the wonderful hope that the Lord Jesus will come back and that we shall be raptured to Him. However , as we are hoping, we need to watch and be sober. We should follow Paul’s pattern. We should not simply encourage new believers in their hope. We should also go on to tell them that along with this hope, they need to be watchful and sober.  Go To – Cooperation With The Divine Operation– 

The Blessings of The Resurrection

An exposition of Matthew chapter 28, which is a glorious chapter on the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.   My prayer is that it will bless you.   Go To  – The Blessings of The Resurrection

My Utmost For His Highest

Every five years in the Olympic games athletes go for the gold!  The overcoming athletes stand on the ‘podium’ , victorious. They receive their medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze.  The Christian believer too is engaged in a spiritual Olympic games!   Jesus offers us an ETERNAL reward,   Each one of us needs to say – I offer My Utmost For His Highest

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