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This menu introduces Marcus and Lesley’s Video – Ministry – My wife ( who is an excellent song writer) stands by me in ministry.   Here are Bible topic Videos.    A menu of  these Bible teaching videos is given bellow:

SONG – Silent Night – The Christmas Story

The Song (Classic Carol), Silent Night  – I recorded over my own singing voice on some ” scrappy” recording equipment which was all my current finances could stretch to.  Beautiful song that speaks of that awesome time in eternity’s scheme, that night when our Blessed Saviour became a man to live among us….

lightVIDEO – You Must Be Born Again Scriptures

 This 20 minute video will give you some ” you must be born again scriptures”.   We will see that this is a REAL experience of The Lord Jesus Christ.   We will look at sound biblical instances of a conversion ( salvation) experience.  We will also look at what happens within us when we are born again.

SHORT BIBLE TEACHING CDShort John 3:16 Expounded

I made some short CD’s explaining basic fundamentals of our faith in Jesus Christ that I can give away to friends or anyone I meet..   This is the first attempt that  have been giving away.   It is a simple description of the bible verse John 3:16 and it  needs improvement.   You can help!   if you have any testimonies that I can put on FREE CDs it would be an enormous help in evangelism.  Please contact me for comments  from – Contact-Marcus-at-Bible-Truths-Revealed

Video Sermon –  The Inspired Word of God

I trust this sermon will bless.    I hope more than a blessing, but also a reinforcing, inspiring, you to  a deeper appreciation of God’s Holy Word – Whose glorious Theme is our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

Video Sermon –  The I Am’s of Johns Gospel

The reality of the Supreme Deity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is fully illuminated in John’s Gospel.   Throughout this gospel he repeatedly emphasized that he is the ” IAM” – The Almighty God who appeared to Moses in the burning bush.  

Four Mini Videos – Breaking The Chains of Sin

Video Sermon – The Saint’s Security

Video Sermon – Jesus Bright Morning Star

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