Explaining The Book of Hebrews

When explaining the book of Hebrews, a bible expositor must bear in mind that the main theme of the book is – ‘progressing on to maturity in the Christian life.’


Progressing On To Maturity

This web page provides LINKS to recordings of ” CROSSING THE RIVER”. These are radio sermons on Real Radio (88.7 MHz, Philippines), by brother Marcus as he expounds the book of Hebrews. It also contains a detailed breakdown of the structure of this magnificent book of Hebrews!

Explaining The Book of Hebrews – AUDIO SERMONS

Crossing The River (Sermon 1); select LINK – The Living Son; God’s Last Word

Crossing The River (Sermon 2); select LINK – Crossing The River of Baptism

Crossing The River (Sermon 3); select LINK – Experiencing The Glory of The New Covenant

Crossing The River (Sermon 4); select LINK – The Wonderful Jesus – Greater than the angels

Crossing The River (Sermon 5); select LINK – Avoiding Eternal Loss

Crossing The River (Sermon 6); select LINK – How Christ Defeated The Evil One

Crossing The River (Sermon 6); select LINK – How Christ Was Perfected Through Suffering

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