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PURCHASE (1) – Christian Bibles, Books, Commentaries, Helps and DVDs

There is one particular leading Christian Book and bible Distributor that I am proud to be an affiliate for.   It is  a Distributor that consistently provides an enormous selection of bibles, books and other items at excellent value. 

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Baptised in Jesus mighty Name.

Me, baptising in the Philippines

Whenever you purchase from this distributor through my website link you enable me to continue to support the work of the gospel in the Philippines; all profits above my monthly business investment go to help other poorer believers and the work of the gospel. 

Additionally, this distributor’s business provides revenue to support several charitable causes locally and globally – including help to the poor in Bahamas, Belize, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Uganda, Venezuela, and Zambia.

Sermon Of The Week – New Year 2016

downloadPREACHING INTO THE NEW YEAR!   This sermon was preached at 0030 am 01-01-2016, as we entered the New year,   It is an exhortation of the blessings and prosperity that we as children of God can expect in the New Year.   (At the same time it deals with and doesn’t dodge issues like “apostolic suffering” and  the reality of sickness and healing.