Songs of Nativity

My friends,

In the run-up to Christmas in 2012 I sang and made a collection of Christmas carols on CD.  I called the CD ” songs of Nativity”.   These where released to my Christian friends for donations to the needy Philippino’s,  the pastors and missionary work there.   If any of you are interested in receiving a “songs of Nativity” CD, contact me on email or mobile +447429668940 .

All and any DONATION will be sent to Pastor Lubel Quitoriano in the city of Butuan, Aguan.  This godly pastor needs financial help with his radio gospel broadcasts in Agusan.   It is vital that the gospel goes out on the airwaves in this region.  There is indeed a great need for this airwaves presence. Only a minority of the regions inhabitants are born again and truly saved.  The predominant religion is  paganised.   There are also many false cults in this region. These include the Mormons, the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) and the Church of Christ.  The Church of Christ denies the deity of our Lord and saviour while the adherents of UPCI hold the heretical ‘oneness’ doctrine which denies the Holy Trinity. So the radio ministry has great impact and importance.   Once again I emphasize that NO DONATIONS will come to me.  They will all be sent to help pastor Lubel Quitoriano.




Sermon of The Week 07/12/2015

A Royal Wedding

downloadThree sermon snippets taken from my radio broadcast in the English language to the Davao region of the Philippines.   I am preaching on “The Royal Wedding” from Psalm 45.  This Psalm speaks about the Church’s wonderful bridegroom our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and his love for his bride, the Church.   My prayer is that something within these three sections will make Christ Jesus more real, beloved and precious to you!

The Royal Wedding (Part 1)

The Royal Wedding (Part 2)

The Royal Wedding (Part 3)