God’s Plan, Provision and Power

God’s Plan, Provision and power for our lives is so extensive.  We as believers and lovers of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ are destined to be glorified.

We are not just ” aimless flotsam and Jetsam” floating in a meaningless universe.  Mankind was created in the image of God for a wonderful destiny.   This destiny was planned by God our Father, before the universe was created.

Thirdly, we have a Mighty Power through God’s  Holy Spirit.    The Life-giving-Spirit of Jesus, imparts to us all the benefits and privileges that Christ’s has accomplished and provided for us, according to God The Father”s mighty eternal plan.

God has a wonderful plan for you

God has the most amazing plan for you.

This series of sermon videos from Brother Marcus, ( Preacher To the Nations) is offered hoping to inspire and bless God’s saints with the vision of the wonderful Christ and all he has accomplished to bless, save and redeem us.

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