Sermon of the Week 28/11/15

pojIn 1 Chronicles chapter 4 we read about  a man who believed that God was a generous God who wanted to pour blessing upon him!   He believed that God was bigger than all his problems, human failings, circumstances and that he could be a winner.  He prayed an awesome prayer  – and God heard it.   We are encouraged by this to know that God is BIGGER than any problems we have.  Jesus Christ is all we need for an overcoming life.

But Jabez understood that true prosperity meant Knowing Jesus intimately  – and that blessing from God often involves trials and sufferings.

The Gospel Song I Believe

I have made a video singing the gospel song I believe.  This is a beautiful song that was one of Elvis Presley’s renditions.  I have been told by some people that Elvis singing gospel sounded a lot like me.   I wonder!   Anyway this song has some very  precious words.   I LOVE to sing and actually if you invite me to your Christian congregation I would love the opportunity to sing to the Lord to bless you.   I hope by God’s grace to have more songs played on this website.   Well, how about leaving your comments.   God bless you all; in the love of Jesus our savior.