Miracle Vanishing Tumors

Jesus healed me and I had miracle vanishing tumors.Jesus heals today! He answers prayers for healing the sick. Recently I had miracle vanishing tumors.  I’m 74 years old and live with my wife Lesley in Norwich.   I am a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ and have a website ( link at foot of page).  In 2008 I was surprised and alarmed to receive a letter from the Norfolk and Norwich hospital that in a routine scan they had discovered two “tumours” in  my bladder that needed removal.   It must have been serious in the doctors opinion because an operation was scheduled for me within 10 DAYS TO HAVE THEM REMOVED!  On visiting the specialist he told me ” I won’t mince words…. you have two tumors in your bladder 1,5 cm in diameter and they must be removed.”
Before going into hospital for the operation I went to my local Christian congregation for prayer.  Paddy Venner of Earlham Christian Center laid hands on me and prayed. “Lord when they open Marcus up …please don’t let them find anything.  In Jesus Name”.
To cut a long story short, I did have the operation.   And guess what?  Yes, the tumors could not be found.   I never received any explanation from the medical profession of how the tumors had been found and had vanished in a time span of 10 days.  I guess there is no explanation, except the mighty power of the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, who is the same healer as he was 2000 years ago by the seashore of Galilee.

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