Sensitivity To Your Wife’s Needs

Sensitivity to  your wife’s needs is of primary importance in your relationship. This page  and associated pages gives advice on meeting some of these needs.

Your Wife Needs To Be Affirmed


Everyone of us takes care of our self.  At least we do if we have healthy mind.  We are sensitive to the needs of our body for cleanliness, for nourishment and for health.  We have a built in awarenesses that cause us to take care of ourselves.  As  Christians we should take care of our wives because our precious spouses  are “One flesh”  with us;  Our Lord Jesus said…

Mark 10:7. 8For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh.

.  Our lives are entwined;  we are of one flesh because God has joined us together.  There is a list in the following page giving us guidelines I’ve had we can be sensitive to our wives needs#

She Needs To Be Affirmed As a Woman

im-in-love-with-youA man’s wife needs to know that she is “his woman”  and  she needs to be affirmed sexually about her attractiveness.  Affirming her sexually in the bedroom of course is part of this and a very strong part of it.   However,  affirming your wife sexually as your woman involve  much more than just taking her to bed.   Your wife’s confidence in herself as a woman must extend beyond the bedroom.  Not only in the bedroom but throughout all the day she should feel affirmed, loved and cherished.  She needs to have a continual sense with her that she is your woman and that use wanted and desired buy you.

 Many small affirmations
There are a multitude of ways we can affirm our wife throughout the day, but its so easy to neglect her .  A man who is a business man could be so totally immersed in his work that he’s thinking about his work whilst he dresses, while he shaves and while he is going out of the door to the car.   It’s so easy to leave the wife with a grunt in the morning when you are so busy as you head for the office or place of work.
But this is an example of an opportunity that can be missed to affirm your wife.  Before you reach the decor and walk out of the door this is an ideal time to kiss her attentively and tell her softly that she is loved by you.
Stop in the morning for a goodbye kiss.  Even hold her by the waist look into my eyes and tell her  something like, “you sure are something beautiful to come home to”.  It’ll be worth it!   She will be waiting for you all day and you’ll be maybe very pleasantly surprised buy your homecoming if you treat her tenderly and with affirmation of love in this way!

A kiss before leaving home.It’s a wonderful idea but once a day once every day you remind your wife in some little way that she is sexually appealing and attractive to you.  This will cause her to  really “bloom” because  a wife’s esteem affects everything.  
The way your wife sees herself as a person in her a sexuality and in  self-confidence will affect everything she does.  It will affect the way she keeps the home.  

It will affect the way the way she decorates the home.   It effects her influence in the community and the way she stands by you and supports you in public.  The way you affirm her will effect the way she dresses the children and the way she works in community.    It will have a ripple – on effect in many arenas, even  affecting the sympathetic way she listens to a friend in need over a  coffee.  It will even affect the way she pays compliments to check out girl when she goes shopping.

She Needs To Be Affirmed As Your Wife


How beautiful you are my darling/

How beautiful you are my darling/

Your spouse needs to know and be sure and secure in the certain and beautiful relationship given by God that she has with you as your wife.  She needs to know that her relationship with you is not only unique but God ordained.

 Song of Solomon 1:15 –  How beautiful you are, my darling, How beautiful you are! Your eyes are like doves.

She needs to know this deep in her heart and spirit that the Lord  gave her to you as a precious  gift and help-meet.

A Wife’s Struggle with  Submission

In the book the Christian couple by Larry and Nordis Christenson, .the story unfolds concerning a young housewives struggle over being scriptually submissive to a husband.   The young wife struggled with the biblical submission principle. 

1 Pet 3:3 to 6 – Your beauty should not come from outward adornment such as braided hair or gold jewelry or fine clothes, but from the inner disposition of your heart, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in God’s sight.  For this is how the holy women of the past adorned themselves. They put their hope in God and were subject to their husbands,

The true account unfolds of a young wife who had the mistaken opinion that being submissive and obedient to her husband according to would demean  her.   
One day after reading an article praising the virtue of being a submissive wife,  she related how that  when her  husband walked in the door that night,  for all the world she said, ” I wanted to raise the clenched fist of rebellion in his face”.  And yet at the same time she felt dissatisfied the way things were going in the  marriage, so more-or-less as an experiment she decided to try the ‘submissive thing.’

She began to listen more carefully to her husband.   She began to speak to him in phrases like, 
“sure honey” and “ok darling” in her vocabulary as she spoke with him.  She also tried to anticipate his preferences.  
One evening about a month later,  they were sharing a seat together in the kitchen over a turkey sandwich while the children what happened on TV    ……TO BE CONTINUED

Chapters In This Series:

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