My Utmost For His Highest

Oswald Chambers wrote the classic book, ” My utmost for His Highest. ”   Christians need to “Go for the Gold of God’s Kingdom” and offer God our very best. 

In the Olympic games athletes go for the gold!  The overcoming athletes stand on the ‘podium’ , victorious. They receive their medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze.  The Christian believer too is engaged in a spiritual Olympic games!

Go for the gold of God's kingdomWill We Be Rewarded In heaven

Will we be rewarded in heaven? Yes.  The scriptures clearly teach that there are degrees of reward for the Christian.  God wants all of us to enter into our eternal destiny with golden crowns of glory and great rewards, Part one mentions how we should be ” investing with gold” in God’s kingdom. The question of will we be rewarded in heaven will depend upon our faithfulness in serving the Lord diligently, First Corinthians chapter 3, encourages us all to build our lives on the only foundation Jesus Christ with precious materials. These are spiritually, gold, silver and precious stones.

The Christian’s temptations in trials help in the same way to perfect and strengthen in running this Olympics.  A very powerful passage illustrating the Christian growth and development in love, excellence, patience and endurance as he or she undergoes trials of all kinds is found in the second epistle of Peter. A clear ” ladder of virtues ” is displayed – leading finally to the ability to love with the deep divine ‘ agape love’ of Christ.

These 3 AUDIO  sermon snippets ( based on 2 Peter 1: 1 to 11) illustrate these truths of how we can ” Go for the gold” as we follow the Lord and serve him and seek to offer the utmost for His Highest.

Audio 1 – Investing With Gold

Audio 2 – From Glory To Glory

how to be a winnerHow To Be A Winner In God’s Kingdom – God’s Word  shows us clearly how to be a winner.  It very skilfully documents how we can co-operate with God as he forges in our lives one spiritual virtue on top of another- until we come to Christian maturity.  One virtue builds upon another as by God’s grace we progress in self control. to endurance, Christ-likeness so that we can finally manifest the deep divine love of Jesus our savior! 

Audio 3 – what Is an Abundant Life?

Twhat is an abundant lifehe Love of Jesus – what is an abundant life but a life filled with the love of JesusIn answer to that question, what is an abundant life, the answer both for now and all eternity is a life absolutely filled and saturated with the Love of Jesus!   God’s purpose in all that we endure and go through is that we LEARN to love deeply with the love of Christ.   We should be a people right here and now that are ” going for the gold!”

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