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Pastor James Otieno is indeed a man of passion, zeal and fire for the Name of Jesus and the kingdom of God. Currently he is overseeing a Christian congregation at Miranga. This is a poverty stricken place; currently (Feb 2023) the region is seeking a borehole so that the population can always have clean water. Pastor James spends much time in a ‘ prayer mountain’ in this region where he intercedes for the lost ones who need Christ. When James received Jesus as his saviour his whole life was hopeless too ( in a spiritual drought). But God saved him at his lowest point and called him into a very powerful ministry! But, let’s hear his own testimony .……

Jesus Saves Completely

Choosing  Jesus Christ was the best choice !!  I’ve  regretted making many choices in life. Jesus Christ is precious than Gold of this world.”Surely I better have Jesus than solver and Gold.  In Jesus Christ I’m who iam,and trust he will make me great in his grace. May I sit at the feet of Jesus ;because there i lay my sins and sorrows and  when weary find sweet rest to my heart.

When i got saved in June 28-6-1990 at the age of 15yrs I had been so depressed that I had wanted to commit suicide.  At my lowest point the Lord saved  my soul in one very  glorious moment. 

I was in a room all by myself and had deadly poison with me and I was about to take it   However, by God’s grace there was a gospel tract lying on the  the table and the big question on the tract was “Can I be saved?What Must I do ?”. There was great light on the tract and  I decided to read in it before killing myself

The  Lord  spoke to me clearly through the  book of Ezekiel 11:17-20& Ezekiel 18:30-32 . I  was tired of my life because of my sins and my disobedience to my parents, teachers and  community.  Nobody wanted me near their children and homes. Nobody loved me.  But  God loved and  He wanted to give a New heart to love Him and walk in his perfect will and newness of life in Christ Jesus. I  called loudly on the Name of Jesus Christ and was thrown by the power of God to the floor. The blood of Jesus Christ washed me clean. After this experience I went back to my home that I had been living away from for two years. My father had promised to kill me if I ever set my foot in his compound.  When  my Dad saw me coming he was coming towards me to kill me with a spade, but i was smiling with him and told him that I feared not death.   i was ready to die since my sins were already forgiven and I was sure of getting to heaven if he killed me. But The power of God would not let him harm me.  He told me that if I wanted  him to believe that I’m saved I would allow him to  takes me back to school.  I agreed and  we went to school. When we arrived at school I witnessed to my teacher’s  a bout  my new birth and new heart.

They admitted me back to school  and said that they wanted to see my Jesus and new life in him showing in my life   By God’s grace I became the school christian union Leader and Pastor,   bringing lots of students in my city to Jesus Christ. 

I received powerful  call into ministry during  a church service, when one sister ‘ Jane Akumu’ prophesied over my life and  the Holy Spirit spoke through her to the church regarding my calling.  Then  she laid handd over me for  God has set me aside for ministry.  The same night my mother saw a vision of a big bible falling from heaven to my hands and  a voice said to her “let James be mine for his portion is in my word.”

I  started YACU-(Youmg Apostles Christian Union) by the leading of the Holy Spirit.  The YACU members are now bishops and have found many churches in kenya and South Africa.  Later The Lord spoke to me to initiate ‘Christ Missions Services International’  according to Luke 8:1, wining  souls for Jesus Christ and teaching and preparing people for the kingdom of God, The aim was also the planting and  caring for  small churches in the poor villages in Kenya, holding revivals and crusades for the churches and  providing humanitarian needs as the Lord provides – depending on God and  his faithful children. 

Keep praying for the missions here.   We trust God to supply all we need for this work.  I  find joy in winning, maintaining and  preparing  souls for Jesus and his kingdom. This I pray to do until i breath my last. I thank God for many people who have supported me and many that will purpose in their hearts according to the leading of God to be part of this  heavenly  trust ministry. Together with you we win souls for Jesus Christ.

Formation of Ministry

On Good Friday day 2016 pastor Otieno I was walking by a procession of Roman Catholics with a large Cross of Christ crucified.  He heard the Holy Spirit speaking to him.  The Lord Jesus was desiring that true redeemed born again Christians filled with His Spirit and faith would do something similar.   He wa not to proclaim a dead religion that was a “works religion” trying to please God by one’s own righteousness and righteous acts,  but by preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ that declared a righteousness given to sinful man  by Faith in Christ alone. 

Eph 2: 8, 9  –  it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9not by works, so that no one can boast. 

Unsaved man, full of pride, always wants to contribute something to his salvation – so that he can boast a little.   But God’s way is a FREE salvation, GIVEN FREELY by grace alone.   This is a ‘ hammer blow; to man’s pride.  This FREE OFFER is the “ offence of the cross, ( Gal 5:11)!”    Sinful mans “commercia” mind insists on contributing at last ‘ a little’ to hios salvation.  But God insists salvation MUST BE FREE, by faith – trusting Christ alone

He knew in his heart that the church Jesus came to build as declared to the apostle Peter in Matthew chapter 16,  is today a  people who are spread through many denominations and religious organisations.   Knowing this  he purposed  in his heart to approach Spirit filled believers from many (and non denominations) to get inspired with the vision of the true gospel preaching of the cross.

 Pastor Otieno  was the  oldest person in the group as he began to speak to Christians. Some of the believers that he spoke to were only 9 years old; the oldest of the  teenagers were around 18; anyway, many responded to the call and the vision.  

These faithful ones  gathered together and preached Jesus Christ and the cross of Jesus Christ.   On the first walk they covered  4 km preaching as they went and the result was that many souls gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus.   They used a plan to stop at various locations and marketplaces,  shaking and preaching.  In the second year which was 2017,  the number of workers and the number of converts began to increase.   Yearly the numbers have grown and in last year (2022) pastor Otieno had the joy of seeing a very large number of people marching and preaching together.  

The thing that has thrilled pastor O’tieno’s heart is the number of young people that have responded to the call to this ministry. The ministry  has reached new territories for God.  Pastor asks us to pray for expansion and new territories to be brought into the kingdom of the Lord.  As the evangelist/prayer walkers move on they continually pray for the whole world and for missionaries in different parts of the globe.    Now in 2023 pastor Otieno says he expects that this April in the prayer walk (which is the time of the Jewish Passover) that there will be many young people and many Christians working with him!   Being the time of the ‘passover’,  April is a very important time to proclaim the great salvation which was given to children of Israel  when the blood was being applied to the door post.   As the evangelists walk this year we pray with pastor Otieno that many people will apply the Precious Blood of Jesus to the doorpost of their hearts so that the great salvation of God will come to them and they will be prepared for the kingdom of God. We indeed  pray  along with Pastor Otieno that this year the evangelistic prayer walk will bring many many Souls to the feet of Jesus.

Brother or sister in Christ… If you would like to sow into the ministry of pastor James Otieno, you can proceed to CONTACT EVANGELIST MARCUS page, where you will find a DONATE BUTTON. After your Donation please write “CMSI” into the form provided to direct your donation Pastor Otieno.




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