Bless The Wonderful Name, Jesus

How we bless Jesus most wonderful  Name.  He is the Wonderful One!  We bless the wonderful Name, Jesus because He is magnificent in so many dimensions. 

The Wonderful One – In Many Dimensions

Jesus is the truly wonderful one

Wonderful Counselor

Glorious in His pre-existence.  Awesome in His Incarnation (coming to this earth).   Sweet in His childhood.  Beautiful in the life he lived among us.  Victorious in His mighty atoning death, and Magnificent in His resurrection and ascension.   How we praise Him.
Let’s all remember today, and meditating, think upon the WONDERFUL ONE!

The Wonderful One – Glorious In Eternity

The wonderful one is called Jesus and everything about him is wonderful.
THE WONDERFUL ONE JESUS was there in the beginning before time or space; before there was anything existing Jesus the wonderful one existed.  He was glorious in eternity past!
He was worshipped by all the heavenly angels before he came to this earth as a man.

The Wonderful One – Awesome In Incarnation

Jesus is wonderful in his incarnation….
That word ` incarnation` means that God look human form …and truly became a man!
The Almighty God, the CREATOR of the universe, the creator of the heaven and the Earth and of this world CAME as a little baby named Jesus. He is the Wonderful One.

The Wonderful One – Sweet In His Obedient Childhood

His childhood was so sweet and beautiful. Although he was The MIGHTY GOD, he humbled himself and submitted himself to his parents Joseph and Mary. He was a good boy. He was an obedient son.
Isn’t that wonderful? Wonderful, that the mighty God the creator of heaven and earth became obedient as a little child in a human family. How wonderful is that – leaving us as an example that we should follow in his steps.

The Wonderful One – Beautiful In His Life Amongst Us

And then Jesus, The Wonderful One, grew up to be a man. And there is NO EARTHLY LANGUAGE that is able to describe the beauty of the life he lived amongst us! Every single human language is not able to describe the beauty, the majesty and wonder of our wonderful Jesus the wonderful one. All eathly languages fail!

The Attraction of Jesus Beauty

THE beauty and power of his life drew rugged strong fisherman to follow and love him.
They were rough and ready and muscular men. Very strong and masculine. But his love melted Their Hearts. AFTER HIS LOVE HAD CONQUERED THEM, they became obedient to him in every way even becoming bedient to die for this wonderful one that they loved so much. The power of his love is far greater than death.

The little children where attracted to this wonderful one. Jesus took them in his arms and blessed them. The disciples had no time for the children they said to Jesus ……” Get them away from us they are upsetting our preaching!” But Jesus took them in his arms and blessed them.

We must come as empty sinners to Christ.

We Must Come Empty To Jesus Feet

Prostitutes, Women Laden down with sin would change from sinfulness to purity and love as they looked into the eyes of this wonderful man who loved them with a pure love that drew them to God the heavenly father and gave them a sense of the destiny and dignity and worth in the eyes of God.

The Wonderful One – His Victorious Death

And we praise God that his mighty victorious death upon the cross FREED every man woman and child from SIN, from death, from hell, from the Grave from depression, from oppression, from all Darkness and caused them to enter into his glorious light.

Redemption Through Jesus Precious Blood

We have Redemption through the blood of this wonderful one. We have the forgiveness of sins should the pouring out of the blood of this wonderful one Jesus!

The Wonderful One – Magnificent In Exaltation

And now he is ascended at the right hand of God. And today if you will only just come to him and reach out to him and call upon him he will come into your heart and into your life and into your mind and into your spirit and put His Spirit within you! JUST.. just trust him today!

May God bless you all.   If you have been inspired,challenged,blessed or encouraged.  Please drop me a comment below, telling me something of what this ” Wonderful One”,Jesus means to you 




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