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The Heart of The Bible

The whole Bible is built around a beautiful person.  At the heart of the bible is the wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and the promise of Eternal Life to those who accept him.  It was written only that men might believe and understand and know and love and follow Christ.
Yes, Jesus Christ is indeed the centre and heart of the bible, the centre and heart of history, is the centre and heart of Our Lives. Our eternal destiny is in his hand.  Our acceptance or rejection of him determines for each one of us eternal glory or eternal ruin; heaven or Hell, one or the other!
The most important decision any one is ever called on to make is to settle in his heart once and for all that matter of his attitude towards Christ. On that heart attitude depends everything.

 Famous Men Speak Concerning Scripture

Abraham Lincoln – I believe the Bible is the best gift of God has ever given to men. All the good from the saviour of the world is communicated to us through this book.

W E Gladstone – I have known 95 of the world’s great men in my time and of these 87 where followers of the Bible. The Bible is stamp with the speciality of origin and an immeasurable distance separate it from its competitors.

George Washington – It is impossible to rightly Govern the world without God and the Bible.

Napoleon Bonaparte – The Bible is no Mere book But a Living creature creature with a power that conquers all that oppose it.


The Old Testament

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The New Testament

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The Danger From Turkey

Real danger from Turkey entering the EUOur government as well as the EU us sleep walking!  The threat of persecution of Christians through the “Islamisation” of EU and UK is very real.   This party political broadcast ( Feb, 2016)   “blows a trumpet” alarm!   How I wish there were more Christian pastors and prophets that had the same wisdom and courage to raise an alarm. 





Awesome Christian Resources

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There is one particular leading Christian Book and bible Distributor that I am proud to be an affiliate for.   It is  a Distributor that consistently provides an enormous selection of bibles, books and other items at excellent value. 

Screenshot_4000 Home

Baptised in Jesus mighty Name.

Me, baptising in the Philippines

Whenever you purchase from this distributor through my website link you enable me to continue to support the work of the gospel in the Philippines; all profits above my monthly business investment go to help other poorer believers and the work of the gospel. 

Additionally, this distributor’s business provides revenue to support several charitable causes locally and globally – including help to the poor in Bahamas, Belize, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Uganda, Venezuela, and Zambia.

Sermon Of The Week – New Year 2016

downloadPREACHING INTO THE NEW YEAR!   This sermon was preached at 0030 am 01-01-2016, as we entered the New year,   It is an exhortation of the blessings and prosperity that we as children of God can expect in the New Year.   (At the same time it deals with and doesn’t dodge issues like “apostolic suffering” and  the reality of sickness and healing.

Songs of Nativity

My friends,

In the run-up to Christmas in 2012 I sang and made a collection of Christmas carols on CD.  I called the CD ” songs of Nativity”.   These where released to my Christian friends for donations to the needy Philippino’s,  the pastors and missionary work there.   If any of you are interested in receiving a “songs of Nativity” CD, contact me on email or mobile +447429668940 .

All and any DONATION will be sent to Pastor Lubel Quitoriano in the city of Butuan, Aguan.  This godly pastor needs financial help with his radio gospel broadcasts in Agusan.   It is vital that the gospel goes out on the airwaves in this region.  There is indeed a great need for this airwaves presence. Only a minority of the regions inhabitants are born again and truly saved.  The predominant religion is  paganised.   There are also many false cults in this region. These include the Mormons, the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) and the Church of Christ.  The Church of Christ denies the deity of our Lord and saviour while the adherents of UPCI hold the heretical ‘oneness’ doctrine which denies the Holy Trinity. So the radio ministry has great impact and importance.   Once again I emphasize that NO DONATIONS will come to me.  They will all be sent to help pastor Lubel Quitoriano.




Sermon of The Week 07/12/2015

A Royal Wedding

downloadThree sermon snippets taken from my radio broadcast in the English language to the Davao region of the Philippines.   I am preaching on “The Royal Wedding” from Psalm 45.  This Psalm speaks about the Church’s wonderful bridegroom our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and his love for his bride, the Church.   My prayer is that something within these three sections will make Christ Jesus more real, beloved and precious to you!

The Royal Wedding (Part 1)

The Royal Wedding (Part 2)

The Royal Wedding (Part 3)

Sermon of the Week 28/11/15

pojIn 1 Chronicles chapter 4 we read about  a man who believed that God was a generous God who wanted to pour blessing upon him!   He believed that God was bigger than all his problems, human failings, circumstances and that he could be a winner.  He prayed an awesome prayer  – and God heard it.   We are encouraged by this to know that God is BIGGER than any problems we have.  Jesus Christ is all we need for an overcoming life.

But Jabez understood that true prosperity meant Knowing Jesus intimately  – and that blessing from God often involves trials and sufferings.

The Gospel Song I Believe

Some tell me I sing like Elvis!  I wonder?   I have made a video singing the gospel song I believe.  A beautiful song and one of Elvis’s. I hope you like it.

Elvis was The King of Rock 

Anyway this song has some very  precious words.   I LOVE to sing and actually if you invite me to your Christian congregation I would love the opportunity to sing to the Lord to bless you.   I hope by God’s grace to have more songs played on this website.   Well, how about leaving your comments.   God bless you all; in the love of Jesus our savior.




Jewelry And the Christian




The issue jewelry and the Christian has long been contentious.  Should Christians wear jewelry?   What does the bible really teach?   Some Christians say that the wearing jewelry is wrong; these people often quote a few Bible passages and insists that God absolutely condemns jewelry. There are other Christians who point out that there are a number of verses that mention jewelry in a positive sense.
At the heart of this confusion is the question, “What does the Bible really say about jewelry?”


When studying this issue that has such a large cultural element, it is almost impossible to gain a complete understanding of the Bible without background study. The background alerts us to the cultural issues that the passage originally addressed.   So let’s look into the background of the wearing of jewelry.
In the territory of the Old Testament during Old Testament times both Canaanite and Israelite men and women wore jewelry and make-up.   It appears that there where eight uses for jewelry in the Old Testament.   Jewelry was used for:

(1) Personal beautification

Tab_high_priestIt 1s noteworthy that one of the basic purposes of the Jewish High priest’s special and unique attire was to beautify ( Exod 28:2).   In Isaiah 3:16-23 God describes many types of jewelry used at least partly for beautification. This passage in Isaiah appears to condemn jewelry, however it may be that it was the excessive, pride, behavior and sexual promiscuity of these women that was really being addressed here and condemned by God. God would strip them of their proud arrogance and humble them!


(2) Currency and evidence of wealth

Rebecca and Abraham's Servant at the Well exhibited 1833 William Hilton the Younger 1786-1839 Presented by Robert Vernon 1847

Rebecca and Abraham’s Servant at the Well

Abraham’s servant (Gen 24:22), took out a gold nose ring weighing a beka and two gold bracelets weighing ten shekels” and gave them to Rebekah.
In ancient Mesopotamia, the bride price paid by a prospective groom’s family included clothing, jewelry, food, drink, and oil. Jewelry was also part of the dowry paid by the bride’s family. This was the case in the story of Rebekah. In this particular case it was a gift to the bride to ensure her financial security. In other words, it is functioning as a nest egg in case of need.

(3) Social Status

Jewelry served as a symbol of social status. It was used by the people belonging to the high strata of society. This was particularly true of those from the palace who dressed and adorned themselves in accordance to their social identity. According to 2 Samuel 1:10, King Saul wore a crown and armband. Also, the jewelry mentioned in Ezekiel 28:11-19 (in connection with the king of Tyre) signifies royal or princely status.

(4) sign of authority and religious significance

saul_Jewelry served as a sign of authority. In Egypt, kings and judges may have worn pendants and necklaces with images of the goddess Ma’at, while in Israel kings wore a crown at the minimum.

The religious significance of Jewelry may have been one of its most important functions. Jewelry identified the religious beliefs or position of the wearer, such as the Israelite high priest. In heathen religions jewelry was assigned supernatural abilities and was worn to protect the wearer from various forms of evil. While the Old Testament does not mention this use directly, the Israelites did occasionally bring jewelry to God, as in Numbers 31:50.

Jewelry in the Greco-Roman World

We continue discussing the issue jewelry and the Christian.   Should Christians wear jewelry?   What does the bible really teach?     We will continue in our background study and consider jewelry in the Greco-Roman world.  There is less information about jewelry’s use in New Testament times than in Old Testament times.   A very probable reason for this could be the fact that there were many similarities existing in the Greco-Roman world and the Ancient Near East (ANE).  We know that jewelry was common in the Roman Empire. The Oxford History of the Classical World has this to say:

“The wearing of excessive jewelry was a practice which [Roman] legislators had long since given up trying to curb, though moralists still condemned it. Pliny rails against women who wore pearls on their fingers, on their earrings, and on their slippers, and reports with disapproval how Caligula’s first Empress, Lollia Paulina, turned up to a feast wearing emeralds and pearls on her head, hair, ears, neck, and fingers”.  It seems that it was the Roman who invented the engagement ring,  for the The dictionary continues, ” rings were very common. Men wore rings as signets, while women wore them to signify engagement”.   

Rings in the Roman Empire are particularly interesting. At various times, different types of rings were used to signify social status.  Rings signified a person as slave or free, citizen or non-citizen, aristocrat or commoner. These rules were enforced by law, but were gradually relaxed as more people wanted to be able to wear fancier rings.

Jewelry in the Greco-Roman World during this period doubtless functioned in much the same way as it did in the ANE with regard to its religious aspects. It probably was accorded supernatural powers and used as protection from evil or a method to persuade the gods to act in a certain way.